I must confess – I hardly thought about it today. Sure there were a couple times I thought oh, I’ll share that picture or post this…

But it is getting easier, at least for now. It could be that I am filling my time up with other things, more productive activities.

Today I took my youngest to the mall for some clearance shopping – I always check the clearance racks this time of year and ‘guesstimate’ what size the kids will be wearing next winter. Found some pretty good deals today.  I also took her to the library for a mommy and me class – what a hoot!

Aside from spend time with my girls and do the bit of running around, etc today I didn’t get much housework done or have the chance to be uber productive and that leaves me wondering how did I find the time before?

Anywho, I have a sick kiddo who is sleeping for the moment so I better keep this quick and see what I can accomplish!

Blessings xo