Two months ago today, the world lost a one-of-a-kind guy.  He spent almost his entire working career fighting fires, being brave, saving lives and he even survived the talked about but not often experienced “backdraft”
My uncle was one of the most important men in my life (aside from my own father). He taught me to fish, took me tubing, all about buttermilk pancakes and so many more wonderful things. To say that I miss him is an understatement. Truth be told, I have spent most of the last two months in denial, not really grieving; afraid to accept it, wishing and praying that God could bring him back.
Aside from my own selfish reasons, because his wife and daughter miss him fiercely. Because his only daughter married the love of her life on her parents would have been 34th wedding anniversary and even though they were only getting married this year so he could be there, it still wasn’t soon enough. Because he was fantastic with children (I speak both from personal experience and also having the privilege of witnessing it with my own) and he won’t get to hold his own grandchildren or teach them how to cast or canoe or portage or any of the things he was great at. Because he was an amazing father to his daughter, amazing husband to his wife, amazing brother, son-in-law, firefighter, uncle, friend, person…
Sorry my thought process is jumbled and this is all over the place.
I’m a fairly new Christian and so I still have a LOT to learn but have to say that this has been and still is my biggest test of faith so far.  It has caused a lot of prayer and wondering why He would take such an incredible man so soon. Why He would let someone who was so selfless not only in his work but in his day to day life get ALS and let him die at such a young age.  I mean these were supposed to be their golden years.  My aunt and uncle worked hard their whole careers so they could enjoy their retirement and now she is a widow.  It is especially unfair because their love was so special.  The love they had for one another people spend their lives wishing and praying for.  How could God do this to my aunt and to my cousin? I know they say that He always takes the good ones first and in this case that is certainly true but it doesn’t make the pain any less, most especially for my aunt and cousin.
I pray to God that my uncle is in Heaven at peace and that he knows how much he is loved and missed by all those he left behind.